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Ingenious Uses for Roofing Shingles

Ingenious Uses for Roofing Shingles

When you order a new roof, contractors estimate how many squares are needed and allow for 10 to 15 percent extra to account for waste. Often, there will be shingles left over. Depending on your agreement with your MAC Construction and Roofing contractor, you may end up with a spare bundle or two. But what do you do with them? Let’s examine a few ideas.

Save for Repairs

Even the best roofing job needs repairs here and there, whether it be related to ice drams, severe storms, or other forms of damage. By saving some of the shingles, you’ll ensure that they match the current roofing system. Keep in mind that various roofing materials require specific storage to ensure continued durability.

Utilize for Smaller Projects

Leftover shingles are perfect for smaller projects such as covering a shed, gazebo, doghouse, or birdhouse. While you may not care about matching the color or design of these simple components to your home, it can provide curb appeal and a uniform visualization.

Line Your Walkway With Shingles During Winter

Living in the Midwest brings an abundance of snow and cold during the winter. Through lining your sidewalk or entrance with shingles, you can give traction and eliminate the risk of dangerous slips. Furthermore, it helps avoid utilizing salt, which can be damaging to concrete and shoes.

Provide an Under Layer for Stonework

If you intend on constructing stonework such as a backyard terrace or garden path, you can utilize asphalt shingles to keep stones and pavers from shifting out of place. Additionally, they will stop weeds from sprouting in between them

Decorate the Interior of Your Home

Natural slate or wooden roofing shingles such as cedar look amazing indoors! Depending on how many you have left over, you may be able to assemble them as an accent wall or piece of artwork. There are an abundance of ideas out there that can help you decide on what you’d like to do.