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How to Avoid a Roof Collapse Disaster

How to Avoid a Roof Collapse Disaster

A roof is one of the most important structures that exist on your home or business building so a collapse could spell disaster. Not only could it potentially harm occupants inside, but it could leave you homeless or shut down your business for weeks to months. The best way to avoid a roof collapse in St. Charles is through the establishment of a regular maintenance schedule while ensuring that any flaws are fixed within an appropriate amount of time. There are four main tips that can help keep a properly functioning roof over your head.

1. Avoid Load Creep

When your roof was designed, the engineers and architects took specific load-bearing capabilities into account. There are a number of things that can add to the weight of your roof such as bigger AC units, roof gardens, and walkways if it is an accessible location. Anything beyond the load-bearing capability could make a roof collapse more likely. Prior to making any additions, check with your roofer or architect to see if it is a feasible option.

2. Manage Snow Accumulation

The Midwest is a place that is known for frigid winters and snowstorms. Accumulated snow can add a substantial amount of load to a roof. If the roof collapsing isn’t bad enough, it could potentially injure occupants or lead to complete demolition depending on the amount of damage. While no one wants to be in charge of removing snow during freezing cold temps, it is very important to get it off the roof as soon as possible and frequently check areas that snow drifts to.

3. Clear Drains and Gutters

Melting snow can create ponds of water in low spots on the roof. This weight can lead to a roof collapse or deterioration, which can also can structural damage. Make sure that any drains and gutters are unobstructed. The best way to tackle this task is through having roof inspections completed twice per year and checking after any major storm.

4. Conduct Regular Maintenance

Regular inspections should be incorporated into your maintenance schedule every year. Timely repairs can deter problems before they lead to significant damage. Professional roofers, such as MAC Construction & Roofing, can identify potential causes for damage such as overhanging tree branches. The cost of a roof collapse is astronomical in comparison to inspections and repairs.

According to Senteck, each year more than 3,000 roof collapses occur in the United States. It is imperative to adopt a prevention method before it is too late. Don’t become a statistic! Contact professional roofers at MAC Construction & Roofing in Bartlett, IL to devise a plan of action.