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Repair, Recover, or Replace: What Suits Your Roof?

Repair, Recover, or Replace: What Suits Your Roof?

Your roofing system is an integral part of your home. The combination of weather, time, and numerous other factors slowly begins to wreck havoc on it. If you opt to do little, or nothing at all to manage your roof, it will not only be costly, but time-consuming in the future. Don’t wait until your St. Charles roof begins to leak! Take proactive measures through investing time and money to have your system inspected frequently and any damage repaired right away.

As your roof begins to age and is exposed to elements, the condition of the roof will inevitably deteriorate. This leaves homeowners with three options, to repair, recover, or replace. To make this decision, a qualified roofing professional at MAC Construction & Roofing can help go over all potential options. A comprehensive inspection will be completed in order to provide information on the roof’s condition in order to make the best possible decision. Through understanding the condition of your roof and available options, you can make the most appropriate choice for your needs.

A condition assessment on your Bartlett, IL roof begins by reviewing historical records that contains information on when the roof was first installed, if it was an original or replacement, and other factors such as repair history and inspections. Professionals at MAC Construction & Roofing will then identify trends or the development of new problems related to the roof. This can unveil a wealth of information and help properly plan for the future.

Once the condition of the roof is assessed, the determination will be made as to whether the roof should be repaired, recovered, or replaced. If you choose to replace the roof in its entirety, then the roofing company can go over all options available for your climate, needs, and aesthetic appeal. Contact MAC Construction & Roofing today to conduct a needs assessment.