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Impact of Roof Leaks on Homes and Businesses

Impact of Roof Leaks on Homes and Businesses

If you buy an older home or building with a questionable roof or have been in the same place for over twenty years, you will inevitably be faced with the dilemma of whether an entire roof replacement is a better option than continued roof maintenance. The biggest factor that can impact this decision is whether the system’s watertight integrity is compromised. At what point do leaks become bad enough to mandate replacement on your Bartlett, IL property?

While preventative maintenance is key when trying to extend the life of a roof, there comes a point when the system is beyond repair. Professionals at MAC Construction & Roofing can help determine which option is best for you! Let’s take a look at four main components that can help you determine whether you wish to pay a higher upfront cost for a new roof or continue to make repairs as damage comes up.

1. Interior Damage

If you haven’t been faced with any interior damage consequences yet, you may just be a ticking time bomb waiting to explode. Roof leaks that damage the ceiling, carpet, and furniture tend to be common, but the destruction could be much worse if left for too long. A leaking roof is usually due to a number of factors, but may be caused by pooling water. This could ultimately leak to an entire roof collapse.

2. Operational Downtime

If you are a business owner or operate a business out of your home, a roof leak can shut down operations for quite some time, ultimately leading to lost revenue and income. While a leaking roof may be a simple repair, that leak could come back with a vengeance. Historical data and records could help identify weak areas on your roof and whether it is time to invest in a complete overhaul.

3. Damaged Items

Beyond damaging the ceiling, flooring, and furniture, water could destroy many common products that linger throughout your home or building. Imagine your laptop being poured on or your clothing collection damaged by debris. Furthermore, retail products could soon become useless once they are in contact with water.

4. Lost Income

Roof leaks can force individuals out of their home or cause businesses to shut down temporarily. This could result in paying for an additional living arrangement or spot to work out of. Multiply these costs as roofing leaks tend to come back when the system ages. At this point, it is wise to determine whether your St. Charles, IL roof is better being replaced versus repaired.