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House Hunting: Roof Inspections

House Hunting: Roof Inspections

House hunting is an emotional business. Homebuyers often will fall in love with a particular property before they get all the facts. That lovely exterior just might hide a multitude of potentially very expensive and troublesome problems. Here's how to take care of your due diligence and take action if your dream home doesn't make the grade.

Before you even write an offer, your realtor should examine the seller's disclosure notice. This is a statement where the current homeowner lists known material facts about the property, including vital information such as any defects that the seller is aware of, roof problems, fires or flooding that occurred on the property, and any previous purchase offer that fell through due to an unsatisfactory inspection report.

No matter how alluring you may find a particular feature of the home, be sure your offer to purchase contains three little words: "subject to inspection." This will buy you time to have the home professionally inspected renegotiate if major problems show up, such as in the roofing system. Choose a company that has a wealth of experience such as Mac Construction & Roofing, Inc.

While the inspection can take between two and four hours, professionals will go over a variety of components such as the roof and chimney, drainage, exterior walls and deck, foundation and structure, the attic, and a multitude of other areas. A detailed report will be generated. If it shows significant concerns, you may need to contact a roofing professional at Mac Construction & Roofing to provide available solutions.

Overall, unless the home is being sold "as-is, use the report as a bargaining chip. Request the seller either take care of the essential repairs or adjust the price. If this strategy doesn't work, decide how much you are prepared to invest in the home above and beyond the purchase price. Be ready to walk away from even the most charming home if it seems too problematic, or get a second opinion on the cost of repairs.